The company

COSMOS COPY PAPERS SA was founded in 1991, in Attica 20 km from the center of Athens.

Our company is specialized in the field of Carbonless and Thermal Paper and in the production of white and printed labels of various qualities and applications
In the middle of the crisis our company changed shape by investing in new mechanical equipment and automated production in the field of Labels and Thermal rolls for cash registers and POS We enjoy a steady growth during the last 32 years, with a strong presence in the local market

Thermal paper reels

Production of thermal reels (receipts) for POS and cash registers in all dimensions

White labels

We specialize in the production of white labels for printing in different dimensions as well as applications compatible for all label printers and scales

Printed labels

We produce pre-printed labels with Flexo printed aplications.

Up to 6 colors as well as gold foil prints


We believe in product quality…service and people.

We all strive to provide high quality products and services to our customers.

Working relationship

We maintain a close working relationship with our employees in order to achieve the best possible productivity.


We are fully accountable to our customers, our suppliers and ourselves.

The secret of our continued success is:

Offer competitive pricing through automation without compromising quality